Hours are by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment for drop offs, pick ups, & tours of the facility.  Depending on my schedule, I am not always able to accommodate walk-ins.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • When scheduling an appointment, please schedule the earliest time that you think you might arrive.  
  • If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The following calendar only lists the hours when boarding appointments are available.  The actual hours that someone will be at the kennel will be determined by all scheduled appointments & work load for the day.  Generally, someone is there from the morning time until late afternoon, then someone comes back in the evening for night walks & feedings.  Occasionally, appointments can be scheduled outside of normal appointment hours, but this would be determined on a day to day basis.​

Grooming appointments vary by day, but can be scheduled between the hours of 8 AM & 1 PM.  Pick ups for grooming will be anywhere from 1-4 hours after your drop off time.  When you drop off, you will be given a general timeframe for pick up, but we will call you when your pet is ready to go.  Please submit a grooming request or call us for available appointment slots.

Calendar Navigation:  Use the left and right arrows or the scroll bar to browse through the calendar.  To quickly jump to a different month or day, click the down arrow next to the date at the top of the calendar.